News from Toi Ohomai Library Koha is here! <p class="MsoNormal">Koha is our new library system. If you need any help using Koha please&nbsp;<a href="">contact</a>&nbsp;your friendly library team, or take a look at our handy&nbsp;<a href="">Koha Fact Sheets and Guides</a></p> Magazines galore <p>Did you know you can borrow a wide range of print magazines from all Toi Ohomai Libraries? Previously magazines were not for loan from Te Wairere library, but now they are! All magazines have a 3 week loan period. Look for your favourite print magazine by typing the title into the "SEARCH on the shelves" search box above or check out the new magazine displays in each library. Plus there are thousands of online journals available - you can browse these via the A to Z Publications link above.</p>